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It’s not about knocking on doors, it’s about having customers come knocking on yours

I hate sales.  Put me in front of a cold call list and I cower.  I’m not the nagging type and am uncomfortable staying in someone’s face, which is generally what it takes to close a sale in the traditional way.

Ah, but if someone calls me with a specific need,  I jump at the opportunity to help solve their problem.  As an internet marketing consultant and a partner at Lasso Up, I pour myself into research by asking questions, looking at their business, consulting with my team, and thinking of ways to meet their business goals.

I think one of the things I love most about this job is that I get to help decision makers acquire customers without having to sell.   That’s what this business is all about—getting in front of people at exactly the time they need you (when they search for your services on the web), and showing them – through your website – how  you can help solve their problem.  And if that website does its job – the introduction will be precipated by the customer instead of the other way around.

After all, the only way someone will ever see your website is if they search for what you do or look for your company directly.  It isn’t like a billboard or newspaper or a cold call where you appear in front of people that will never need or want your product or service and only a few that do.

And that is what this blog is about.  It’s about teaching you how you can take small steps to get your business in front of the people that need you.  It’s about sharing simple strategies that let you compete in a crowded space.

Why We’ve Created this Blog

We consistently advise our clients about the importance of providing website visitors with substantive content that is useful and relevant.

On the web, those that give DO receive. So we’re following our own advice and using this blog as a medium to offer honest, ethical advice about web design, development and internet marketing strategies that we’ve found to be practical, productive and that help businesses create strategies for growing and improving their brand and business online.

And, of course, we hope that when you hit a snag in the road, you’ll reach out for some professional advice and services.  We’re here to help and hope that you’ll come knocking on our door.

As you’ll learn in the months ahead… your message always needs a “call to action,” so here’s ours:

Leave a comment or contact us today to see how we can help your business thrive online.

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