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Accelerate your social media marketing results and expand your business into the social stratosphere. We’re a top social media firm that creates and manages high-performing social campaigns to drive business growth.

Social Media Strategy is Important

Social media marketing changes everyday. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat – what’s next? 81% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. Have you defined a clear social media strategy to help grow your business? We help you define your demographics, create quality content for your audience, and build positive brand awareness.
What does your customer need to know? Your social media strategy should provide information about your products and services to help educate your customers. Consumers respond well to the 70/30 Rule. 70% informational content that educates your consumer and 30% product or service offerings. Let’s start the conversation. Create consistent content, connect with customers, & build your brand with our social media management services. We provide social media strategy, content management, and create high-performing social campaigns to drive business growth.

Key Components

The world of social media is complicated. Luckily, we are a team of nerds ready to tackle the challenge for you! We stay up to date on all of the latest social media trends so you don’t have to. You share with us what your business is all about. We will help you tell that story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn through various forms of media like graphics, photography, and video.
As humans, we are all visual creatures. Do you have graphics that represent your products and services in a positive light? We can help you figure out what imagery works best with your brand.
Facebook continues to develop it’s service providing a cost effective advertising platform. TV, radio and billboard advertising can cost a small fortune. Facebook advertising is much more cost effective and allows for great insight. This insight helps you to understand how many people you are able to reach and how effective the ad is. We offer complete Facebook advertising services to get you from creative concept to getting your ad in front of the right people.
Consumers love video. We provide a cost effective solution to meet this need. We create videos that utilize picture slideshows and graphics. This simple concept can help you promote your products or services in a fun an engaging way.
Social media is like a rotating billboard at everyone’s fingertips. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and is engaged with social media. 81% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. Use social media to get your business’ logo and unique product or service offering in front of your ideal customer. We help you get your accounts setup and build this brand identity over time.
Social Media is all about the conversation. It’s about the only space in the world where consumers talk to each other and to companies in an environment that can be tracked, sorted and followed-up with.

FAQs: Social Media Management

Learn how our social media management works for you. Social media strategies that drive conversions.
How do I increase the number of likes on my page?
Everyone wants more likes. This takes time, a lot of posting, paid advertising, and sometimes a giveaway.
Do I need to be creating video content?
YES! But you don’t have to hire an expensive video crew. We can create content using images and interactive slideshows.
How many times a week should I post?
This depends on the type of business and budget. We focus on quality over quantity and stick to the 70/30 rule.
What metrics should I be tracking?
Impressions, engagement and growth. Some pages have small followings with dedicated fans and others have huge followings with very minimal engagement.
How much should I spend on Facebook Advertising?
This depends on your budget, but we recommend somewhere between $1000-$5000 per year.
Should I plan my posts ahead of time?
Absolutely. Thinking of the long term strategy is the key to social media success. Don’t worry, we take care of this for you.
What goals should I have for social media?
The most important goal is to create quality content. If you aren’t creating something of value for your audience, they will unfollow your page and move on.
Should I boost a post?
NO! Boosting a post is not the same as a Facebook Ad. A boosted post will appear in front of anyone available. This could mean that they have no interest in your product or service. We highly recommend creating a targeted Facebook ad to make sure your money goes to good use.

Resources & Related Services

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Our team at Lasso Up is dedicated to the success of your social media campaigns. If you have any questions about our social media management services or process, please contact us today.


Learn how our team delved into a comprehensive analysis of the firm’s core values, mission, and target audience, laying the groundwork for a brand overhaul.
Gross and Sons Auto Body Shop

The team at Lasso Up created a GREAT website for Teddys Limo. We get a lot of compliments on the design which is a real departure from our competition. They make it ‘sing,’ too, with ongoing SEO techniques that now get us plenty of page-one rankings and FAR, FAR more unique visits than before. They ‘get’ our unique B2B executive transportation angle, too. Every one of our social posts are spot-on. Analytics reviews are very results- and ROI- oriented. I highly recommend Lasso Up.

Charles Wisniewski

Owner / Teddy’s Limo

We used Lasso Up to design our brand new website. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the final product. We only gave them some basic ideas and their team truly exceeded our expectations. We really can’t imagine hiring anyone else for this project. Thank you!

Tomasz Tesluk

Owner / Lifetronic Systems

Lasso Up has done a great job updating my website, building a Google ad campaign and providing excellent customer service to me and my business.

Scott Iannelli

Owner / Buster’s Sports Tavern

Made SEO easily understandable and have already made our website rank on the first page of searches! Highly recommend to anyone looking for site map, SEO, and web development work!

Collin Ricker

Co-founder / NuRange

Building my website was an enjoyable process that shaped the direction of my business. Alex’s knowledge and ability to guide me to the best end product for my website was impressive. It was this guidance that gives me confidence in continuing to work with Lasso Up. At first glance the branding and website development price tag seemed high, but they exceeded my expectations. The experience that was created, combined with the continuous care they put into my website, made it worth every penny.

Victor Kravutske

Owner / Move As A Human

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