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New revenue stream proves profitable with execution of local content strategy

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Their Story Jeff Bogard, the owner of REA Homes, and his team, have led custom home building and renovation projects throughout greater St. Louis for more than 30 years. The REA Team specializes in high-end, custom-built homes in some of the city’s most picturesque, high-end neighborhoods. As a second-generation home builder in St. Louis, Jeff understands the needs and wants of today’s home buyers.

Result Highlight:

Sales revenue goal exceeded by $4.05 M (4000% ROI)

What it means:

With a content strategy tailored for local SEO, REA Homes could hone in on its most valuable customers and increase the number of qualified leads.


REA Homes needed to distinguish itself in a crowded custom home builders market that was encroaching on its market share.

Like many businesses we work with, REA Homes was not associating the leads it was acquiring to a specific marketing investment, leaving them to wonder where their budget was best spent moving forward.

Without knowing where the leads were coming from that were resulting in closed business, REA Homes was not sure if its website was doing its job as a 24/7 lead generation machine.

custom home builder

“We have created a trusting and collaborative relationship with REA Homes over the years. Their strategic vision has helped us niche down on content and create highly relevant content that helps us achieve a dual purpose of being found on the first page of search results and to attract and nurture website visitors through valuable content. We have made them the easy choice when searching for a custom home builder online.”

—Nick Covert, Director of Customer Success, Lasso Up


REA Homes engaged us with one very specific goal – generate more qualified leads from the website. We needed to build a digital content strategy that would help the company retain its top rankings for “custom home builder” related searches while also increasing its rankings for “home renovation” related searches in an effort to capture a new stream of leads.

Our services included:

custom home builder
custom home builder


Forty social posts, four blogs, and two website pages later, the website has generated 20 form leads for ongoing nurturing, 10 qualified leads for sales opportunities and 5 new clients, including 3 on the home renovation side of the business.

The website leads can be attributed to $7,550,000 in revenue for the builder, exceeding the goal by $4.05 M.

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