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Search engines like Google want their customers (the searcher) to see the most relevant answers to their query as quickly as possible. SEO helps boost your digital authority by expanding your digital footprint and linking your proofs of intelligence to search engine databases. The more search engines know about you, your business and your website, the more they trust you with their customers which is rewarded with higher rankings, showing you to more potential clients.


Google sees over 3.5 billion searches in a single day. Is YOUR website ready to pull away from the competition?


135k searches/month
170 million active urls

”ac repair”

61k searches/month
3 billion active urls

”vacuum Repair”

10k searches/month
3 billion active urls


135k searches/month
4 billion active urls

SEO Packages


You are a fit if:
  • Small business with one location, small to medium size population
  • Appliance repair, photographer, dry cleaners, solo contractors
Market Conditions:
  • Market Competition
  • Market Size
  • Just starting SEO

Starting at $850/mo

Competitive Local

You are a fit if:
  • Established local business within a small/medium city, highly competitive industry
  • Home services, home builders, doctors, dentists, veterinarian
Market Conditions:
  • Market Competition
  • Market Size
  • Completed basic SEO, needs SEO specialist to compete

Starting at $1,500/mo


You are a fit if:
  • Large population cities and competitive industries
  • Attorneys, car dealerships, restaurants
Market Conditions:
  • Market Competition
  • Market Size
  • Have taken the basic SEO steps. Need an SEO team to compete

Starting at $3,000/mo


You are a fit if:
  • You are ready to compete at the national level
  • Multi-location retail, Saas, e-commerce, B2B
Market Conditions:
  • Market Competition
  • Market Size
  • Seeking high authority SEO improvements from experts

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SEO Timeline

First 30 Days

During the first month, we lay a strong foundation for the SEO campaign’s success.

This includes:
1. Initial campaign setup
2. Keyword optimization
3. Website optimization
4. Business profile development
5. Dashboard performance reports

2-5 Months

Keywords start moving up the rankings. Lasso Up acts as an online marketing extension of your business, promoting your business everywhere your customers search. You will experience keyword fluctuation as Google starts to recognize your website. We work on optimizations and link building to build your website’s TRUST and RELEVANCE.

6-9 Months

Success! Once reaching the top ten for your selected keywords, we want to keep you there! We continue working hard to ensure your SEO campaign maintains top ten rankings while nurturing and elevating more keywords to help them rise above your competition. Please Note: implementing our keyword recommendations is the key to success – we know how to target the right keywords for your business to get optimal results.

9+ Months

Stay ranking & expand your reach! We build on your success. Now that you have Google’s attention and your online presence is growing, we continue to leverage this momentum and optimize your new keywords. It’s important you continue with SEO. As more keywords reach top ten, we gather new information and strategize with you on what services, products, and locations you want to focus on next.

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Local SEO Campaign for Construction Industry

How much SEO do YOU need for STL?

How dense is your population? Larger and more densely populated areas have more industry competition and require a greater number of SEO activities to garner successful attention.
How far do you want to reach? Determine how far you or your customers are willing to travel for your business. The wider your area of influence, the more engaged you will need to be with your SEO.
How quickly do you want to rank? SEO is an organic process that takes time and effort. The earlier on you start some of the processes, the more likely you are to see your desired success faster.

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