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Boosting online visibility and attracting new audiences with project showcases and a social media facelift.

St. Louis, Missouri

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Their Story
As a family-owned and operated construction company, Schneider Building Group has been a cornerstone in St. Louis homebuilding and renovations since 1975. With a 2023 sales goal of $20M (currently $8M), the company looks to close the gap, investing in social media to boost online visibility and generate more leads.

Result Highlight:

Engagement increased by 540.15% for Facebook and 3900% for LinkedIn.

What it means:

More people saw and engaged with their social media content through likes and comments boosting overall visibility.


Schneider Building Group decided to work with Lasso Up in addition to their previous successful brand and website design projects.

Their existing social media presence lacked coherence, potentially diverting prospective clients and failing to attract new attention. Schneider Building Group was also struggling to:

  • Create a consistent flow of new content
  • Consistently showcase their amazing work
  • Generate consistent leads
  • Attracting higher-paying customers

To overcome this, prioritizing and implementing consistency became the forefront of our action plan.

Schneider Google Listing

“Schneider Building Group is not just a builder, we’re your partner in turning visions into reality. Elevate your living experience with us, where each project is a unique reflection of your style and aspirations.”

—Bradley Schneider, Vice President


Showcase Projects with Social Media

For home builders and construction companies, social media is a powerful platform to showcase completed projects, highlight expertise, and engage with potential clients.

For Schneider Building Group, our strategic social media marketing plan includes:

  • Modern facelift of all social media platforms to showcase projects
  • Update social media descriptions for a cohesive brand across the web
  • Design cover images and social platform images for all social types
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Through a transformative initiative and strategy, Schneider Building Group has received great feedback from industry cronies, friends, and members of their community. The new content created provided a 540.15% & 3900% increase in engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn!

They are seeing an overall improvement, including:

  • Increased engagement on all platforms
  • Increased followers
  • Audience connection
  • Showcasing portfolio
  • Cohesion across channels
Check out their social media pages to see our work!

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Showcase Projects on Social Media

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