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New modern website design attracts high-paying smart home automation customers, improves page load times, & creates a better user experience.


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Their Story For over a decade, Lifetronic Systems has been a leading provider and installer of high-end smart home technology systems throughout luxury neighborhoods in Connecticut, New York, and beyond. They are an innovator and evangelist in this space of smart home technologies. The business prides itself on seamlessly integrating cutting-edge home automation, entertainment, lighting, security, communication, and networking systems to enhance the lives of our clients.

Result Highlight:

Modern website design with updated content & fast page load times to match the innovative technology solutions of a smart home automation company

What it means:

The new website design looks and feels like a high-end smart home automation company driven by technology, and the website loads super fast for the users.


While Lifetronic Systems’ brand boasts innovation, its website’s design has aged over the years and has lost the aesthetic appeal needed to attract high-end, luxury customer projects.

While they have experienced growth, the website no longer reflects who they are. Poor page speed, unclear messaging, and stale content are negatively impacting the site’s overall user experience, resulting in an increased bounce rate and hurting visitor retention.

With smart home automation becoming a staple for homeowners, the market has become exceedingly competitive. In fact, the global smart home market size was estimated at $62.69 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at an annual growth rate of 27.04% from 2022 to 2030.

Without an improved website design, the risk of losing high-paying customers to competitors was imminent. Slow page speed could lead to demotion in Google SEO rankings, resulting in a loss of organic traffic and leads.

Lifetronic Smart Home

“We used Lasso Up to design our brand new website. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the final product. We only gave them some basic ideas and their team truly exceeded our expectations. We really can’t imagine hiring anyone else for this project. Thank you!” 

—Tomasz Tesluk, Lifetronic Systems


To attract high-end customers and convert their website visits into qualified leads, you need an up-to-date website design that consumers see and immediately trust. They need to think, “This company knows what they’re doing, and I can trust them.”

  • Implemented today’s best website design practices
  • Updated imagery to match expensive interior design styles
  • Created clear call-to-actions on every page
  • Refreshed existing content to include updated product information
  • Developed a website that loads fast and is optimized for SEO

“Our design team created a very modern, innovative look, and our development team built for performance. Lifetronic Systems will now attract their high-end customers, and create a better user experience.” Alex Covert, Director of Service

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The proof of the modern website design is in the before and after images below. In addition to the website looking great, we were able to improve the website’s page speed score from a D average up to an A average using the GTMetrix report.

Lifetronic's Old Site Pages


Lifetronic's New Site Pages


REA Homes New Logos
REA Homes Business Card
REA Homes New Logos
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