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Lead Generation: Must Haves for Effective Landing Pages

by | 02/28/17 | Inbound


Landing pages are designed to capture lead information by providing a clear and concise offer of value. This is where your call-to-action leads, showing visitors that it’s time to get down to business.

There are several must-have features that make landing pages great:


Naturally, your landing page needs a bold headline.

This should be a straightforward message that grabs the prospect’s attention and provides a clear value proposition. The key elements here are focus and brevity – you don’t need to go into detail (you can do that in other sections) but you do have to ensure that the message clearly defines the solution offered by your service.


If necessary, your landing page can feature a subheading to provide additional detail. However, remember that less is more when it comes to landing pages. If your value proposition can’t be covered in a single headline phrase, go ahead and use a subheading. But if your headline does the job, a subheading might just add clutter.

Description of Benefits

This is the real meat of your landing page: The text describing your service’s benefits. Feel free to go into more detail here and provide a breakdown of the features on offer.

Try to keep it accessible, though – your readers will get turned off by huge blocks of text. Make your benefits easy to scan by formatting them with bullet points or numbered lists.

Supporting Image

Make sure to include at least one supporting image on your landing page. Images catch the eye and help balance the visual weight of your otherwise text-heavy landing page.

Some businesses use images of their products in action while others opt for more cartoon-y stock images. It doesn’t really matter as long as the image is placed where it can balance the text and provide some variety on the page.

(Optional) Supporting Elements

Depending on your product or service, you may also want to include supporting elements like certifications, customer testimonials, or security badges. You’ll want to avoid cluttering your page with too many distractions, but a well-placed testimonial can help bust last minute resistance for prospects who are on the fence about committing.

The same is true for security badges or certifications. If your market values specific qualifications that are difficult to attain, your landing page is the perfect place to show off your credentials and assure them that you know your stuff.

Lead Capture Form

And of course, there’s crown jewel of your landing page: Your lead capture form.

How this will look will depend on your business, but several trends remain true across the board:

  • Determine how many fields you need – the more fields you have them fill out, the better each lead will be for YOU, but the fewer you’ll receive overall. Generally, fewer fields equal more leads.  Bottom line, only ask for the information you really need.  You can get additional information on the lead call.
  • Keep forms above the fold – users shouldn’t have to scroll down to find the form.
  • Choose fields that will help you determine lead quality – you don’t want to overload them, but a question or two about their primary challenges can provide valuable insight.

Landing Page Success

Remember, brevity is your friend when it comes to your landing page. Don’t fry your visitors’ circuitry with dense text, but be sure you at least include the following:

  • Headline and (optional) sub-headline
  • Brief description of the offer and benefits
  • Supporting image
  • Supporting elements, if needed
  • Lead capture form

Include these elements and a power-packed landing page will be within your reach. Learn more by visiting our Lead Generation service page.

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