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Understanding your Content Marketing Strategy for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

by | 09/13/16 | Marketing

Inbound marketing, or inbound lead generation is a content marketing  strategy designed to nurture your target audience along their buyer’s journey (think sales funnel.) The challenge is to provide the information they need at the right time in their journey if you are to be successful. While there is plenty of information available about the need for engaging content, very little explains exactly what your content writers should create for each stage.

Content Marketing Strategy

Before beginning to craft content for your inbound marketing campaign, be sure your content writers have a thorough understanding of your primary buyer personas. You can have the greatest content ever, but if it does not strike a chord in your target audience, you will not achieve the desired growth. This is an area of difficulty for many business owners because it is hard to separate your level of expertise with your topics in favor of delivering at a level that will engage your target audience.

How Content Marketing Attracts Visitors

In the attraction phase of the buyer’s journey, or awareness in the sales funnel, your content must reach people who are researching products and services like yours; in other words, your buyer persona. To accomplish this, you need powerful content that educates and is optimized for SEO so it can be found in searches. Some of the most effective forms of content include:
  • How-to videos or educational webinars
  • Information-rich blog posts, ebooks or white papers
  • Checklists or tip sheets
The key takeaway is to provide your target audience with educational content centered around their pain points. As an example, if your campaign is to increase sales of wrinkle cream, you might publish a blog post titled: “Is your Lifestyle Causing Wrinkles?”

Moving your Audience through the Evaluation Phase

Evaluation is the middle of the sales funnel and encompasses consideration in the buyer’s journey. Here is where content writers are going to show your visitors how your product or service solves their dilemma. Popular content formats include:
  • Product webinars or demonstrations
  • Case studies or data sheets
  • FAQs
This all-important stage is where you will nurture your leads and begin the conversion process. Using our wrinkle cream example, successful content at this stage might include a case study that reads: “XYZ Wrinkle Cream Proves Effective at Erasing Fine Lines in 80% of Participants!”

The Conversion or Qualified Lead Stage

Your visitor is ready to be turned into a customer and complete the goal you set for your inbound marketing campaign. Your content writers must create content that is direct and encourages the click-through. These are usually landing pages with:
  • Coupons, live demos or a consultation
  • Free estimate
  • Free trial
A landing page might have a strong CTA such as: ” Become wrinkle-free in 30 days with our free trial! Click Here.” With an understanding of what is needed, you can now set your writers to work crafting content for each stage of the buyer’s journey and launch a flawless inbound lead generation strategy.
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