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Writing Effective Blog Titles – 5 Tips to Increase Clicks

by | 05/17/16 | Inbound

Writing effective blog titles is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Why? Because without a good title, you’re going to have difficulty convincing anyone to read your post. It won’t matter how great your content is if nobody reads it.

This, unfortunately, also means that a lot of the effort you’re putting into your blog content will end up going to waste.  So how exactly can you come up with blog title ideas that are interesting enough to warrant a click? The following are a number of tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep your blog titles short and focused

Longer blog titles tend to be less succinct because they are attempting to stuff too much information in there. Here’s an example – “How to write blog titles that will pique the interest of your readers so that they will click on your link and read your blog post.” Besides the fact that this is an insane run-on sentence, you probably forgot what the main focus of the title was by the time you got to the end.

It’s also worth noting that longer blog titles are typically shared less on social media than blog posts with shorter titles.

2. Be specific

Yes, you should keep your blog titles short – but you don’t want them to be short to the point of being vague either. Say you write a blog post about stretches to do before going jogging. If you title this post “Best Exercises,” it tells readers absolutely nothing about your content. A reader who might be interested in learning about stretches to reduce muscle injuries may mistakenly think your blog post is about push-ups or crunches.

3. Use numbers

Numbers tend to stick out, thereby drawing the attention of your readers. The use of numbers also provides readers with a lot of information about what your content is going to be about – typically, numbers indicate a list of tips, reasons or facts. For example, “5 tips for writing compelling blog titles” or “10 blog title ideas.” Not only do numbers provide readers information on what to expect, but it piques their curiosity as well.

4. Include the result

Tell the reader exactly why they should read your blog content. For example, “How I wrote a blog post that went viral.” In a way, you are teasing the reader – telling them that you know something they don’t, which will tickle their curiosity.

5. Be creative

Creativity helps to make your blog titles stand out. If you can pique the curiosity of your reader or get them to react emotionally to your title – then you’ve done your job. For example, “5 stretches that will prevent your knees from exploding.” This kind of exaggeration is humorous and will nab your reader’s attention.

Another way to get your blog titles to stand out is by getting creative with your use of language – such as by using alliteration. For example, “5 wonderful ways to attract an audience with better blog titles.” Alliteration makes your titles sound better, which in turn helps them stand out.

These are a lot of tips to consider in order to come up with better blog title ideas. But it’s worth putting some effort into your blog titles, considering how much effect they have on attracting actual readers.

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