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Aesthetics of Website Designs

by | 10/25/16 | Website

When you decide to take on the world-wide-web and elevate your business to the next level, the first thing you are going to need is a website. Many website designers  simply turn out the same style of design over and over again. A website shouldn’t be just another cookie-cutter styled template. A website is the face of your business and your global presence available 24/7.  Both the content and aesthetics of website designs should be well thought out and reflect your business in a professional and positive light.

Keeping your website visitors top of mind

The most important consideration when planning aesthetics of website design is to keep the end-user in mind. If your designer doesn’t discuss your audience, it is a big red flag.  He should ask good questions and conduct relevant research.  Who are your customers?   What do they need?   How will you solve their problem?  How will the graphics, images and colors make them feel?  Where will their eyes travel through your website design?  How will the flow of the design make for an easy and intuitive experience?  These are all key considerations a website designer should discuss in order to develop a website design that converts traffic to on and offline business.

Using color in website design

Another thing to consider is the color scheme for your website design. If you sell baby accessories, obviously you don’t want the overlaying color scheme of your website to be red and black. Certain colors inspire certain feelings in people. Wouldn’t white, light blues and pinks be a much better choice for this website design? These colors appeal to women and put people in a relaxed mood.  They are associated with babies. Red and black represent action, speed, adventure, and technology – probably better suited for a website about motorcycles, sound systems, speed boats or entertainment.

What kinds of imagery to choose

Your choice of images plays an important role in the aesthetics of website design.  If you are a floral designer, you certainly need a lot of  images that represent your work.  If you are an accountant, your image choices will only serve to break up your text and make the copy less monotonous.  Be careful with your image choices.  First of all, images can slow down the speed at which visitors can access your site.  Secondly, your images can hold or send away visitors quickly.  A doctor client recently wanted to show videotaped surgeries on the home page for a women’s health website.  These details are better placed deep within a website if at all.  Instead, we chose images which represented support, health and well being.  The idea here was for women to see themselves healthy and to feel that there was a caring advocate behind the website with knowledge and expertise. Understand your audience. Research your choices. Communicate with your website designer. Choose a women’s health website that understands the difference between making it “pretty” and making it work to meet business goals. These are all things that will help you develop a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and financially rewarding.
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