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How to Build a Website that Attracts Leads for a Construction Company

by | 02/15/21 | Website

Generating leads is important for the success of any business. In the construction business, lead generation is particularly important for securing new projects and growing your company. In fact, 73% of construction marketers surveyed in 2017 said they planned to increase spend on search engine optimization.

A website is more than just a digital business card. Now more than ever, a website that’s built for generating leads is critical for construction companies. It’s meant to be a digital tool to help grow your revenue and make it easier for customers to do business with you.

Here are four ways to build a website that attracts leads for your construction company.

1. Write Clear Messaging

Many people struggle with clear messaging about their business because they’re too deep in it to know how to communicate effectively to outsiders. Too often, businesses make the mistake of making it all “me-me-me” on their website. But if you’re creating a website that generates leads, you need messaging that communicates directly with the audience you want to attract. 

In the construction industry, you need to speak directly to the needs, desires, and objections of your ideal client. If you’re building homes, you need to talk about the benefits of having a house contracted with you. Why should they work with you? What construction niche do you serve? How do you make the building process easy for the customer? What makes you different from your competition?

Your website messaging is not for you, it’s for who you’re serving. 

2. Create Individual Service Pages

Construction is a big investment. It’s not something you can sell with only one service page on your website. Your ideal clients will likely need to consume quite a bit of content from you before they trust you enough to decide to work with you. 

When you’re mapping out your website, break out the specific services by creating separate pages. Robust, specific content is how you will attract more of the right people to your business through SEO. Consider what your ideal customer wants to know about each service. Share your WHY? As in, why would the customer choose you instead of your competition? Having multiple pages with engaging content on your offerings will also be good for your Google rankings. 

3. Have a Dedicated Image Gallery

Nothing speaks to your work as a construction company like images of completed projects. This is the best proof of concept you can have. Dedicate a page or multiple pages that include up-to-date images of your work. SEO Tip: Make sure the image files are descriptive and consistently named to let Google know what the image illustrates.

This means getting high-quality interior and exterior photos of your construction projects. Professional photography goes a long way in demonstrating to the customer what you are capable of building– it helps them see themselves in something you’ve built. Sell them with visuals. 

4. Create Clear Calls to Action

If you want leads, you have to call them to action. On every page of your website, you should have a section dedicated to a clear call to action. Should they schedule a call with you? Fill out a contact form? Exchange their contact information for some valuable piece of content? Clearly define what you want them to do and direct them to a place to contact you or dig deeper. A dead-end means a dead lead.  

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