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How To Improve Email Security

by | 11/13/19 | Marketing, SEO

Cyber Attacks On The Rise

The news has been filled with stories about data breaches, identity theft, and massive hacks over the last few years. Credit agencies, Apple, Yahoo – big names have come under fire for security. You can’t choose how these companies deploy their security practices, but you CAN apply a few simple practices to protect yourself.

Wield Your Shield

Let’s start with something you use everyday: Email. This one source can be a magnet for attacks, and for the right person it’s a goldmine. Time to play some defense.

How to Improve Email Security

  1. Enable 2-Step Verification
  2. Don’t Open Spam Emails: Spotting a spam or phishing email is getting harder to recognize.
    • Take Google’s Phishing Quiz to test your skills and learn how to spot phishing scams
  3. Consider Password Strength:
    • Don’t use your name
    • Don’t use your favorite number
    • Don’t use the word password
    • If someone in your family can guess your password, it isn’t strong enough
    • Update your password a minimum of once a year
    • Try a passphrase that you will remember like “I want to see Bon Jovi”

Sometimes the best hero you can count on – is YOU! But, sometimes emails can be disguised as trusted sources.  Emails can appear to be from your internet provider, your friends, or even your employer.  They are clearly looking to get information from you, and use it for their own gain.  This type of phishing can easily be avoided, and just takes a few simple tricks.

Lasso Up is now offering a premium email management system that can provide better security, and better peace-of-mind. For more information, contact us today at 888-700-9412 or fill out our contact form.

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