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Is SEO something I can hand off to IT?

by | 02/13/16 | SEO


“SEO is one of those acronyms that sounds like a flavor of rocket fuel –something that belongs in the hands of technoids with html street cred. With every new iteration of Google algorithms though, we are learning that SEO should really stand for being Simply Excellent Online. In other words, create remarkable content first, THEN work with the IT folks to make sure that what reads well also scores well technically.

– Paul Furiga, President & CEO,World Write Communications

Is SEO an IT or marketing function?

  • Are there technical elements to SEO?  YES
  • Is the essence of SEO technical?  NO
  • What is the foundation of good SEO?  QUALITY CONTENT

Clearly, there are technical aspects to effective SEO.  In order for search engines to have the ability to easily crawl your site and index its content, your site must be appropriately optimized.  Characteristics such as strong site architecture, responsive design, and fast loading times are essential elements to all quality SEO efforts.  The IT department, therefore should play a role in structuring good SEO performance.

However, despite the importance of these technical elements, the primary factors that ultimately determine the success or failure of SEO strategies are creative, not technical, in nature.  Good SEO is based on quality compelling content in the right context that leads to an engaging and enjoyable user experience.  This content must be based on a thorough knowledge of the target audience and its behavioral and psychographic characteristics that drive wants, needs, and action.  Is this the work of an IT department?  Surely not.  Marketers within an organization must lead SEO efforts and strategies in order for them to be successful.

Conclusion – if SEO were a car engine

The IT department plays an important role in ensuring that the engine is built properly and continues to technically function at peak performance, but it is the Marketing department that creates and continually pumps the fuel that allows the engine to run.

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