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SEO Link Building Process: Improve Authority Ranking

by | 09/06/23 | SEO

In SEO strategy, link building is an integral step in the process. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of securing links back to your website on other websites online. This is an essential part of SEO services because it helps search engines discover new web pages and determines how well a page should rank in the search engine results pages. 

There are many different means for achieving links back to your website, including listing your business in local directories, asking partners, guest blog posts, acquiring web properties, and much more.

What’s the Difference Between Citations & Links?

Citations are an online reference of a business name, address, and phone number. They are frequently linked to a website, but this link is typically branded or URL-based and a mix of no-follow and do-follow. No-follow links do not directly affect your site’s position in search engine results pages. 

So while citations are a great way to add local relevance and round a link profile, they are not high authority links, and additional link building – that create do-follow links – is required to build authority on your site. 

How Does Lasso Up Approach Link Building?

Link building is one of the highest impact strategies in SEO. However, link building comes in many different shapes, sizes, and price points.

Here’s how Lasso Up does link building: 

  1. First, we look at anchor texts. Before we build any links, we analyze the pages returned in positions 1 thru 3 to understand the anchor texts for top-performing competitors. We learn what percent of links are brand mentions or keyword-focused, which helps us map out the ideal anchor texts for your specific pages.
  2. Then, we build out an anchor text document. This document outlines the priority pages we are targeting and the “ideal anchor text” for each link acquired before we acquire them.
  3. Finally, we build out the links. This process will vary depending on your type of business and industry but is usually comprised of:
      • Local directories and citations – These are also used within our local SEO efforts but are a great source of brand-based links.
      • Link placements and guest posting – As an established SEO company, we have relationships with many website owners and can place links in either existing or new content for linking purposes. This is not a large-scale outreach-based approach but rather based on the existing relationships within our network.
      • Acquiring expiring or expired domains – We obtain new domains every week as potential sources for links. These are websites with existing authority and link profiles that we acquire and repurpose as industry-specific content based on the website’s history. Once these sites have been indexed and start ranking on their own, we can leverage them internally for link placements and guest posting.

How Many Links Does Lasso Up Build Per Month?

We build links quarterly during our SEO campaigns. However, every focus area page typically receives 2 to 4 links per month depending on competition and what campaign is running.

For a 3-focus campaign, we focus on three of your URL pages, and we acquire roughly 36 links during a quarterly work cycle. However, there may be multiple links within a single post or links from a specific website. Using the guest posting example, we may write and submit 12 posts with three links each across 12 different sources for a total of 36 links.

How Does Lasso Up Report On Links? 

We are happy to provide some examples of links acquired for clients and example sites that we can leverage for links. Our process is optimized to deliver results and transparency to our clients. During your SEO campaign, you’ll be communicating closely with one of our customer success managers to see how those links impact your website. 

Ready to Begin Link Building For Your Site?

You need authority on your site to rise in the ranks of the search engine results. An organized link-building campaign will help you achieve that. 

Lasso Up offers SEO marketing services that include link building. Ready to start improving your site’s authority and outrank your competition? Book a time with our team today.

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