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The Website Design & Development Process: Understanding Milestones & Deliverables

by | 08/27/16 | Website

What to Expect from your Web Design Services Team

The online world is dynamic, and users expect a professional, compelling and effortless experience when they visit your website. There is a lot to think about and accomplish. Achieving success requires working with a team of experts that can look at each priority in relation to others. You’ll want to choose a firm that specializes in digital marketing, design and programming and one that has a tried and true process for communicating your unique business to the world.  By understanding the process, milestones and deliverables you can avoid surprises along the way and make the most of your marketing budget.  Following is a summary of our website design process.

The Planning or Discovery Phase

During the planning or discovery phase, you’ll be working closely with your marketing and design team to come up with a strategy for success. A good web design firm will guide you with a detailed list of questions (called the creative brief). You’ll discuss the impression your website should portray; what your brand message will be, what style and design aesthetic you’re going for, and so much more. At the end of this phase you can expect:
  • A list of web design project deliverables
  • A detailed timeline
  • A to-do list
  • A final scope of work
  • A site map detailing how your information will be organized.
This phase is the perfect time to work in close collaboration with your team to uncover the priorities and goals of your website as well as how you will determine the success of the project. Come armed with information about your business, competitors, websites examples, examples of the “voice” you want to communicate, etc. What you DON’T like is just as important as what you do.

The Creation Phase of Website Design

The creation phase is where you see your website design come together. After the planning phase, your design team will head back to the computers and begin creating your layout. They’ll build out the wireframe, nail down the navigation of your site, and consider usability as they craft the frame of your website. Once the wireframe is approved, your brand will truly begin to emerge. Everything you talked about in the planning or discovery phase will go into creating the website you had envisioned. Your logos, graphics and overall look and feel will take shape during this phase. When ready, you’ll be presented with design concepts that depict what your website will look like. We start with the home page concepts and move on from there. This is the time to give your feedback as the design goes through a number of revisions until it is polished to your satisfaction. Remember, however, that your design team is crafting a delicate balance between aesthetics, usability, site performance, search engine optimization, and more.  A good design firm will explain all of this well before you’re asked to review the designs.

The Implementation Phase

The implementation phase is where you see your website come to life. The designs are implemented as web pages and functionality and interactivity take shape. Hopefully, professional programmers are taking the helm behind the scenes to implement effortless and seamless functionality. During this phase your site content is populated and styled, images are placed into the pages and the content is optimized for search.  When polished, you will be given a test site link where you can test the website design and functions as they will be seen by your customers. You will conduct a site review and communicate any and all defects so that the site is perfect before you launch.
About Lasso Up, Digital Marketing Agency
Lasso Up opened its doorswith a mission to help companies leverage the web in order to communicate their brand value, attract new customers and grow their businesses through digital marketing strategies and technologies. The perfect mix of art and science, our teams are customized based on client needs and are made up of only senior-level professionals – no interns, junior account execs or offshore resources. The synergy is created by combining the talents of certified marketing strategists, branding and interactive designers, technology gurus, SEO specialists and content writers with your team of experts to deliver ROI via long term partnerships. By leveraging our top level resources and diverse skillsets, we provide tremendous value to organizations by acting as an extension to your team to achieve the goals you define as success.

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