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What Is Growth Driven Web Design?

by | 01/18/17 | Website

Your website is your most important sales tool and the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts. For those reasons, it is critical to provide an excellent user experience and keep up with the current technologies so you retain your competitive advantage. Traditionally, this has meant complete website redesign every couple of years; a process that takes a great deal of time, planning and effort. With analytics playing such an important role in your marketing campaigns, it is only natural that web design would follow suit. Enter growth driven web design- a real-time solution to the changing needs of some businesses.

Principles of Growth Driven Web Design

A complete website redesign has had its advantages for businesses, but it has also has many drawbacks. The design is created based on past performance of the website you have been using and improves upon known issues without the flexibility to make sweeping changes if your business goals are not met. Growth driven web design, as its name implies, is flexible and applied as required to ensure your website is always in position to maximize your marketing efforts.

Merging Analytics with Design Lifts your Website to New Heights

Once you have launched a new website after a redesign, you may notice that elements you believed would be highly successful are not achieving the anticipated increases in traffic, leads or conversions. Analytics play a critical role in helping you understand what parts of your site are pleasing your audience and what components need work. Once you have outlaid the money and time for the redesign, how do you address these issues? Traditional design methods mean having to hire a designer to redo the portions of your site that were not up to par. With growth driven web design, analytics drive the changes you make in web design and development. To put things into perspective, think to your own experiences with website redesign. The look, feel and information presentation are all top notch and you are certain the objectives you are aiming for will be reached. Once you begin studying the analytics, you realize you are losing most of the visitors to your site after only a few seconds on your home page. With traditional design, you are locked in to what you have purchased. With growth driven web design, the offending page or section would be revamped based upon the data collected. Think of it as optimization “on the fly.” Your website would be undergoing continual changes over time designed to maximize its efficacy rather than being built from the ground up every couple of years.

A Marriage of Marketing, Sales and Web Design

Analytics have made it possible to understand your target market’s behavior once they reach your site and the inbound marketing process has made collaboration with marketing and sales more important than ever if you are to be successful. Growth driven web design creates a “marriage” of these two vital departments with your website, so your site is current and directly aligned with your marketing and sales goals, ensuring it is the powerful sales tool it should be and maximizing your ROI. Your Lasso Up web design team is excited to get you on the way to leveraging sales potential of your website through growth based web design or the tried and true redesign process . Let’s talk about how to get you started!

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