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How Asking for Customer Feedback & Reviews Can Lead to a Better Customer Experience

by | 08/24/21 | SEO

Did you know that 87% of consumers read reviews for local businesses? (Bright Local, 2020). Having reviews is vital for your business can help you stand out from your competitors. 

But simply having some reviews isn’t enough. Before trusting a local business, consumers read an average of 10 online reviews (Bright Local, 2020).

This is why it’s crucial to collect reviews for your business. The easiest (and most ethical) way to manage those reviews is by asking. 

Here’s how asking for customer feedback and reviews can lead to a better customer experience.

1. Feedback Helps You Identify Areas of Improvement

When you ask for reviews, you are also inviting feedback to improve your business. (It’s not all going to be glowing and rosy reviews just because you ask and you want them to review you honestly!) But this gives you an excellent opportunity to improve if you make an effort to track it. 

When you start to track your customer feedback, you identify areas of your business that need improvements, such as speeding up delivery times or a better-trained customer service team. 

2. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Improve

Remember, this business is for your customers. Don’t you want to provide a better experience for them? If you don’t make an effort to ask, how will you know what you need to improve? Asking for honest reviews helps you move closer to providing what your ideal customer needs. 

You need a system to request and track how many reviews you have to improve effectively. With a plan in place, your team can prioritize and execute improvements. 

3. Your Company Culture Improves with the Customer Experience

Everyone adopts a customer-focused culture when the whole company asks for feedback to improve the service. This ultimately leads to a better customer experience because you are focusing on their needs. 

4. Reviews Can Boost Sales

Study after study has found that including customer reviews on your product pages can boost conversions. One study found 63% of customers are more likely to complete a purchase with users reviews. Another study found that including reviews on your site can increase sales by anywhere from 4 to 18%–– and most e-commerce sites only yield a 1 to 3% conversion rate!

5. Reviews Support Marketing Efforts

Here’s how collecting reviews can support marketing: 

  • By helping marketers identify which products warrant more visibility (The products that get glowing feedback)
  • By providing insight to marketers about what their customers actually care about
  • By informing marketers about the kind of language used by their customers to take into account with product descriptions and marketing copy
  • By identifying any snags in the sales funnel, which allows marketers to address these snags with well-written marketing copy

Ready to Implement a Review Management System?

You need a process that encourages your customers to leave reviews, monitors them and improves any negative reviews you might receive. 

Not only will a review process help you receive more (and better) reviews, but it will also help you improve the service you provide. A good reputation leads to quality traffic, and quality traffic leads to increased sales.

Want to know more about how to implement our review management system in your business? Book a time with our team today.

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