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How to Attract Leads that are Your Target Customer as a Home Builder

by | 03/17/21 | Marketing

With many people still working and studying from home, people are looking to expand their living spaces. 2021 has been a solid year for the real estate market so far. According to the National Association of Realtors, the housing market jumped over 20% in the summer of 2020. With this trend, home builders see a rise in traffic and requests for information. 

Therefore, home builders need marketing strategies that drive connection that cuts through the steep competition. So how do you attract leads that are your target customer as a home builder? As a marketing agency that works with home builders, we have five tips for you to get quality inbound leads from your website in your pipeline. 

1. Get On the First Page of Google Search Results

The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google search results. You need an SEO strategy to help your website climb Google’s search ranking for your key search terms.

If you have previously had an agency or specialist help you with SEO on your website, you should have results that prove it is working. If your goal was to gain a first page ranking for “custom home builder” in your city, you should monitor rankings for that keyword phrase to prove it’s working. Transparency is key with your agency partner, so drop them like a sack of potatoes if they are not.

2. Present the Right Brand Messaging

If you sell high-end custom homes, your brand should reflect luxury. High-definition and professional images of your work are what sell homes. If you sell tract homes, include floor plans and different options available. And if you sell eco-friendly homes, have verbiage about energy savings and indoor air quality.

3. Demonstrate Your Process

People are more interested in reaching out when they know what to expect from you. Make it clear to the customer what it is like to work with you. Create three to five steps of your “signature process” that break down the main points of engagement with your customer. 

4. Use Form Fields to Pre-Qualify Your Customer

You don’t want just any leads; you want quality leads. A lead wants to make sure you are the right fit for them. Conversely, you also need to make sure that a lead is a right fit for your business. Doing some basic vetting in your online forms can help you get the leads you want. You can include fields in your form such as total square footage, budget, and location. 

What if someone is not a good fit? 

If someone submits a form that is not a good fit for your business, you can send them an email referring them to someone else. While this lead might not be the right fit for you, you may know someone who is. A good referral from you could make the difference in whether they return the favor in the future.

5. Set Expectations with Follow Up

Setting expectations with your leads to follow up helps them stay engaged. Automate message responses to the submitted form with detailed information. Include examples of your work, share information about your process, and anything else that would prepare that prospect for your next interaction.

Need Help Attracting Leads for Your Home Building Business?

The Green Hills Group helps home builders dominate online. We take time to understand your unique business, make you the easy choice online, and deliver results. To learn more, contact us today. We will take you through our proven process to kickstart your website into a lead-generating machine.

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