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Web Design Guidelines for Success

by | 10/22/17 | Website

Web Design Success: Five Guiding Principles

If you’re thinking about approaching a new website design project for your company, it’s hard to know where to focus your energy.  Many prospective clients come to us after having looked at our portfolio and admiring the “look and feel” of our website designs. But after a few minutes on the phone, we help them understand that a great looking design, in and of itself, will not make a website successful.  Website design, though critically important, is only a single factor you’ll need to consider when approaching your project and choosing the firm to help you. True ROI, is the result of many factors which all need to be prioritized based on your business, budget and goals.

We have a short list of five Website Design Guidelines that will help  you plan and evaluate whether a website will truly be effective and ultimately successful and profitable: credibility, visibility, usability, functionality and profitability.

Not only are these five principles a good place to start when doing preliminary research for your web design project, they’re important to consider as you evaluate web design firms. Any one of these factors without the others will not be optimal. You’ll need to address each one to ensure new opportunities and increased business revenue. Be sure the firm you choose addresses each one and cares about them all.

Chapter 1: CREDIBILITY – Why Should People Trust You?

Chapter 2: VISIBILITY: If new customers aren’t finding you online, they’re finding your competition

Chapter 3: USABILITY: Don’t make them think; make them react.

Chapter 4: FUNCTIONALITY: Make it easy

Chapter 5: PROFITABILITY: The best salesperson you never hired

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